The market for climate services in the (ski) tourism sector – Results from an Austrian case study

Judith Koberl, Joanneum Research, Graz (Austria)

Tourism not only contributes significantly to a changing climate by its emissions but is also affected by the consequences of climate change. This particularly holds true for snow-based tourism. That is why one would expect a high potential for climate services in this sector, which aim at facilitating adaptation, mitigation and risk reduction. Within the H2020 projects EU-MACS and MARCO, we investigated the actual and potential market for climate services in the Austrian tourism sector, with a particular focus on snow-based tourism.

Together with Austrian tourism stakeholders and providers of climate services, we identified the current supply and use of climate services, perceived barriers to their use and provision, and (unmet) user needs. I’ll present the most important results of this Austrian market study and show some selected examples of climate services for (ski) tourism.

The MARCO project.

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