Portrait of a PROSNOW scientist: Judith Köberl

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1. Hello Judith, can you tell more about yourself?

I am a scientist working at the research company JOANNEUM RESEARCH in Graz. Having an economic background and a special interest in weather and climate, my working and research focus is on the economics of weather and climate risks. In my free time, I enjoy exploring the hills of Graz in my running shoes (in all weathers) or heading west to the more mountainous parts of Austria for hiking, skiing and ski-touring.

2. What is your role in PROSNOW?

I am involved in analysing the market needs for climate services in the field of ski tourism and in quantifying the economic benefits of using PROSNOW as a decision support system in snow management. Together with my colleagues at JOANNEUM, I am also in charge of coordinating both, the spreading of project results among ski industry professionals and the preparatory works for making PROSNOW a viable service beyond the end of the project. Hence, for me, the upcoming start of the second half of the project means entering the most exciting project phase.

3. What are your expectations regarding PROSNOW?

I think one of the great assets of the PROSNOW project is the direct involvement of leading companies in snow management facilities and software and the planned integration of PROSNOW predicted information into these existing snow management systems. This will allow ski areas to just keep on using tools they are already familiar with while still benefiting from the information provided by PROSNOW. I expect this integration strategy to form the optimal basis for a widespread distribution and usage of PROSNOW information, which I believe will improve snow managers’ anticipation capabilities and support resource efficient snow management.

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