Portrait of a PROSNOW researcher: Paola Marson

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1. Hello Paola, can you tell us more about yourself ?

I am currently a Post Doc at Meteo France, in Toulouse. I am a statistician with a PhD in Climate Change. I work on statistical methods for the correction of biases of climate models and to downscale their predictions at finer spatial scales. I am also interested in the spatialization of meteorological fields, and all my work specifically focuses on mountainous areas.

2. What is your role in PROSNOW?

Together with Christian Viel, I provide the forecasts of the set of atmospheric variables (such as air temperature, precipitation, wind, … ), that will constitute the inputs of the snowpack models. As the forecasts are required on the distinct sites of each ski-resort, we need to resort to statistical methods to project or downscale on those locations the outputs of the climate models, which are originally produced on a coarser spatial grid. A very engaging aspect is that, for PROSNOW, we will provide the predictions combining weather, sub-seasonal and seasonal forecasts in a seamless approach.

3. What are your expectations regarding PROSNOW ?

I expect PROSNOW to develop a pilot climate service that is effectively built on the needs of snow management, and, at the same time, that relies on and stimulate state of the art forecasts products. In this sense, I believe it will constitute a practical and solid support for informing decisions on snow production and grooming, towards a more efficient and sustainable use of the natural resources.


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