Portrait of a PROSNOW engineer: Sébastien Bruyère

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1. Hello Sébastien, can you tell more about yourself?

I am an engineer working at TEC, a hybrid company linking research and consultancy for the climate change topics of mitigation and adaptation. I have some experience in and passion about energy efficiency, especially when it’s related to lifestyles. I studied originally in Grenoble, so I have a small part of mountain in my heart, although I spend most of my time in the streets of Marseille, which is a bit hilly but definitely lacks snow.


2. What is your role in PROSNOW?

Being part of TEC, we co-coordinate the project with Meteo France. It means that we have to make sure that the project will complete its objective and understand each partner’s role so that we know who is the best partner to request for each task. Therefore we have a role in different work packages, but to say it quicky, we report, we communicate, we provide a work environment, and we summarize. I’m also in charge of the demonstrator development, the service interface you will be able to use at the end of the project. I’m not a snow expert like most of my project fellows but I tend to understand it more and more, which helps me to structure the resulting information of the PROSNOW service the best way. Sometimes I even start to talk about snow water equivalent or TF-10 guns during evening dinners.


3. What are your expectations regarding PROSNOW?

Being not initially from the snow world, I consider PROSNOW outputs in comparison to other topics I’m aware of. I attended to some snow stakeholders meetings and I saw how tricky and conflictual the management of water and energy can be for the ski resorts and their ecosystem. They need to obtain higher and higher quality of information in order to manage their snow. PROSNOW won’t provide brand new information but it will structure the existing one in a more optimized way. This way, ski resort managers can rely on this information more efficiently for an activity which requires quick decision making processes. My expectation is that it is active at the end of the project, pleases users and contributes to the ski resort activity evolution.


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