New Polar Prediction Matters Contributions – Climate Service for the Chief Snowmaker

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In the new Polar Prediction Matters contribution, Martin Coath from the YOPP-endorsed Blue-Action project and Carlo Carmagnola from the H2020 PROSNOW project talk about the opportunities and challenges that come with climate services for winter tourism management.

“Will there be enough snow on this slope for Christmas? Do I need to make more snow? And, how much water do I need to make the snow?” These are questions, a manager of a winter tourism resort might be asking. The two projects PROSNOW and Blue Action looked in to these and came up with easy-to-use solutions how to predict snowmaking conditions and indicate uncertainty with the ultimate goal to provide aid in decision-making.

In the new contribution of Polar Prediction Matters, the dialogue platform for providers and users of forecasting services, the outcome of the PROSNOW and Blue-Action studies are presented. Martin Coath from Blue-Action and Carlo Carmagnola from PROSNOW are discussing the differences and shared challenges between two projects looking at climate services for winter tourism. Amongst others, the co-designing process and close collaboration with stakeholders from different ski resorts was at the same time “a key benefit and challenge”, While the finally available software application should be easy and simple to use, “it was a difficult process to simplify so much complexity”, says Carlo Carmagnola.

Find the full contribution to Polar Prediction Matters here.

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