C3S Sectoral Information Systems and ski tourism

Chiara Cagnazzo

Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S), implemented by ECMWF, is one of the 6 Services of the Copernicus Programme. Through the Sectoral Information System, C3S addresses the needs of Sectoral users in water management, energy, agriculture and forestry, health, tourism, infrastructure, insurance, disaster risk reduction, transports, coastal area sectors. Those are key vulnerable sectors to climate variations and change, where economic impacts can be quantified and where timely, robust, and tailored climate information may be developed and used to support decision-making processes. The tourism sector is one of the largest growing industries at the global scale, significantly contributing to national and local economies around the world. On the long-term, understanding potential climatic changes in specific area and how they might impact on touristic operations is crucial. The ski-tourism business is markedly sensitive to climate variations, because of the vulnerability of mountain areas to cryospheric projected changes. This is one key sector, where C3S and the Climate Data Store Infrastructure are used to provide indicators, applications and information to support this sector to implement adaptation strategies.

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