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PROSNOW is attending the ECCA conference, the European Climate Change Adaptation Conference in Lisbon. Here is the opportunity to compare the strategy in the ski sector compared to the other multiple activity sectors also represented in the presentations.

– We would be glad if you meet us at our booth (Booth n°12, second floor, TEC/CAS Research into use), follow the grooming machine.

– If you were not attending the presentation of Ghislain about the potential of climate services (Science practice session / May 28, 11h, room S5)…

– …you still have the opportunity to attend today’s presentation of Marta Terrado where the PROSNOW interface will be presented and compared with other tools (Science session / May 29, 14h, room S2)

– or come to the JPI Climate & ClimatEurope booth (2nd floor), to the Cluster 3 presentation (May 30, 10h55) where Sébastien will introduce the demonstrator

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