Portrait of a PROSNOW scientist: Pirmin Ebner

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1. Could you tell us more about yourself?

I am a scientist working at the WSL-Institute for Snow and Avalanche Research SLF in Davos, Switzerland. My background is mechanical engineering and I’m working on different projects beside PROSNOW. My research focus is snow management in ski resorts, impact of snow metamorphism on stable isotope composition inside a snowpack, dielectric properties of dry and wet-snow and ice surface characterization using machine learning. In my free time, I’m playing soccer, volleyball, going skiing, biking, climbing, hiking or I’m up in the sky with my paraglider.

2. What is your role in PROSNOW?

I’m in charge of implementing and improving the technical snow production and grooming tool in the in-house simulation model SNOWPACK/Alpine3D. I’m also in charge of simulating the snow production and grooming processes in the Swiss ski resorts Arosa-Lenzerheide. Together with Prof. Dr. Michael Lehning I’m coordinating the work package one: Set-up, computation and provision of meteorological and snowpack forecasts.

3. What are your expectations regarding PROSNOW?

The coupling of meteorological variables with snowpack models is a great opportunity for ski resorts to increase their efficiency by saving water and energy. This is a unique opportunity for the ski resorts to include different time scales of weather and climate forecasts into the snow management process.


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