Portrait of a PROSNOW scientist: Luca Vallata

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1. Could you tell us more about yourself?

I’ve been working for Alpsolut, a small company based in Livigno in the Italian Central Alps, for two years. The study of snow is exactly halfway between the subject of my university studies, Mathematics, and my main passion, the Mountain. My work is very diversified, ranging from the management of theoretical problems and programming (snowpack simulations, AWS data management) to other extremely practical ones (collaboration in the production of the local avalanche bulletin, management of local professional guiding, village, roads and ski resorts risk management). I’m a Mountain Guide, and in my spare time, when I’m not climbing or skiing on my behalf, I accompany my clients in the Alps.

2. What is your role in PROSNOW?

Alpsolut is member of Livigno LWG (Local Working Group), hence my main job is to provide the necessary information for the development of the project from the Livigno ski resort. My duties also include the organization of meetings and discussions with local managers, and help with the validation and development of PROSNOW products.

3. What are your expectations regarding PROSNOW?

PROSNOW is a project that aims to save water and energy resources, as well as helping the economy and life of Alpine villages. Both seem to me really laudable goals, and my expectations in this regard are very high.


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